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Have you ever searched the internet for something you came across when reading a book? That searching is now easier because BookXtra puts it all in one place. You can also share the enjoyment of your book by adding your own extra information.

Suppose you’re reading Slumdog Millionaire, a book set in India, containing names like chawl, nehru cap, Lord Venkateshwar, Diwali, etc. Searching Diwali on BookXtra will give you goddess of light, then her festival date and location, and then a video from the Indian Tourist Board. Enhance your book experience like never before by going wherever your interest takes you. You can also share the enjoyment of your book by adding your own Xtra content. Share your favorite Wikipedia articles, Google Pics, and YouTube videos. Get really creative and submit your personal photos or information on a particular subject. You can submit as little as one item of information, or fill the complete BookXtra catalog page for the book you’re reading.

Register with BOOKXTRA.COM and start posting articles, photos, links, comments, reviews, ideas, and experiences concerning the books you love--or love to hate--while simultaneously enjoying what others have posted.

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If you are interested in becoming a reviewer for BOOKXTRA.COM, please use the link below to register. Reviews should be short, casual, and conversational, yet critical, evaluative, and informative. Please mention spoiler if you are revealing a good portion of plot.

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