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How to add the Xtra Contents?

Bringing books into the age of the internet. A free service for authors and publishers.

Introducing a revolutionary new idea!

Free exposure doesn’t fall from trees. Yet anyone with anything to sell clamors for free exposure. Authors know that the book industry is increasingly competitive. So how can your publication stand out from the crowd?

BookXtra provides authors and publishers the opportunity to add extra marketing material or accompaniments. These Xtras are images, videos, maps, research, author information, or anything else. And all can be uploaded for free.

It’s easy to build an author brand at BookXtra, making any book more attractive to readers and giving them more reason to buy.

Put back the ‘left outs’
I’m sure you have a lot more material that you wanted to include in your book. How about photographs, notes, articles, and, not to mention, your FULL biography? What if you could enhance your book by adding this material to your book. Now you can!

Readers will be able to access this extra complimentary material via the internet. These Xtras will not detract from the sale of book, but will instead enhance the information in the book. Xtras add additional value to the book and make it more interesting for the reader who has already purchased it.

You control the Xtra content
The Xtra material can be uploaded by the publisher, author, or BookXtra. Authors are the most familiar with their content, so they will be eager to include their own biographies, awards, accolades, articles, photos, videos and other material they know their readers will enjoy. Authors selling and promoting through their own website will benefit by adding their site link to BookXtra. This is, again, free to publishers and authors.

Reader’s access to a new dimension
All of this is as simple as opening a regular book. The reader simply finds his book on the BookXtra website. A Contents section lists all the Xtras that can be accessed for immediate enjoyment.

What can BookXtra do for you?
  • FREE advertising for your book means Xtra exposure and sales
  • FREE service to your publishers
  • Links to your website
  • Book purchasing from BookXtra
  • Links to your publishing company’s own website
  • Audio and Visual link capacity
Read all about it: BookXtra revolutionising the way books are bought!
Did we mention that this service is entirely free to publishers, authors, and readers? It is not only free, but there is no limit to the Xtra material that you can add. So what are you waiting for? Start HERE to add your valuable material or simply contact us :

UK contact;
Diane Hall: Phone: 44-1977-614799

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