Who would like FREE marketing?

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If you’ve a book to sell, whether you’re a publisher or an author, you need to have your book – or even the details of your book – listed in as many places as possible. The more places, the greater the chance the general public will see it, like it and, most importantly, buy it.

Lots of places take a cut for placing your book on their website. They have to market their site after all, so it seems more than fair that they ask for a small percentage of your book’s revenue to compensate for their outlay.

BookXtra is different.

We don’t ask for any money. We don’t charge a fee. In fact, to use BookXtra, it’s FREE now – and it will STAY FREE. We even ask for more of your stuff – more information such as material that was cut form the book, supporting notes, your rough drafts, relevant images, articles and videos – in fact, anything you’d like to include, and again, FREE of charge. We don’t want rights to your book either – the only thing you actually place on BookXtra is the front cover image and links to where the book can be bought.

You can even add the link to your own website, to that of your publisher, and logos, banners or other visual branding. Anything you’d like to include can be included.

The more information you place alongside your title, the more people will be intrigued to the book’s content. Ergo, the more they’ll want to buy it. However, if you don’t have a book to promote and you’re just a lovely book lover, the BookXtra site still gives you more. A book is only part of the story with our site; popular titles exist alongside relevant information, film trailers and reviews.

Take Slumdog Millionaire, for example. A great book. A great film. Access this title on the BookXtra site and you’ll find out about the author, interesting details of the places featured in the book, photos and videos of life in India, and much, much more. Anyone can upload material, so if you find something relating to Slumdog Millionaire, you could upload this too, for the benefit of other book lovers and BookXtra users.

So, for anyone wanting to know about India, and elements covered in Slumdog Millionaire, they wouldn’t need to go trawling the web – the information’s already there. The evolution and expansion of the information on BookXtra could prove a very worthy research tool in the near future, so the more interaction we encourage, the better it is for everyone.

We’ve never thought of the humble book as a flat, 2D object; with BookXtra, each title has many different facets and dimensions. Visual detail and a wealth of knowledge add to the readers’ experience.

So join us. Love books? Love BookXtra.

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5 reasons why BookXtra transforms books

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Book lovers everywhere are used to the century-old 2D book. It’s only in the last decade that electronic readers have changed this familiar format, and as popularity rises for ebooks, so have the possibilities with today’s technology.

Let us explain. We’re book lovers too. We love libraries, we love flipping through pages of worn, treasured books but instead of dissipating this desire, BookXtra has instead presented us with more options. Technology can never replace sitting with a hard copy book – what it can do is bring you new ways to enjoy stories and non-fiction titles. We want to enhance what’s already out there.

Here are 5 reasons why BookXtra should be one of your bookmarked sites:

1. You can learn more about favourite books without trawling the internet.

Because BookXtra allows authors, publishers and the general public to upload a whole range of additional material, anyone can find classic tales and new titles accompanied by film trailers, vlogs, images, relative articles, audio files…the sky’s the limit. Rather than surfing the net to find this information, it’s on one platform, in one place.

2. You can earn money.

Certainly, if you’re the author or publisher of a book listed on BookXtra, you’ve the chance of more sales. The facility to supply readers of your genre with unlimited extra material and info about your book could be a great draw. The more people read ABOUT the book, the more likely they are to actually BUY the book. The reason every author/publisher should do this is two-fold: we don’t hold your actual content (instead, we point the buyer to where they can purchase your book), and most importantly, IT’S FREE!! So why wouldn’t you list your book on our site?

3. We think as readers think.

We’re not just presenting material from authors or publishers to no end – anyone can add information. Therefore, if you’ve seen an article that pertains to a certain title you know is listed on BookXtra, you can upload it. It’s your site, and it’s free to use. There’s other relevant details on there too – where to find book groups/clubs, integration of social media and titles that may not be widely known elsewhere. A book lover can find plenty to smile about at BookXtra.

4. It’s a great resource.

As Wikipedia holds little known facts on absolutely everything, BookXtra can be a continual resource for literary students all over the world. You may find an absolute gem of information which could make all the difference to your coursework or dissertation.

5. It’s fun.

New titles are being added every day and although we’re at the outset, we are aiming to spread the word and become one of the biggest book sites on the net. More authors are adding their books, more publishers are finding BookXtra a great way of reviving interest in their back catalogues, as well as their bestsellers, and the general public get to see any one story through a variety of mediums; film, television, audio and much more.

We love BookXtra. Not many things in life are free, but using our site is one of them. See for yourself how today’s technology is changing how we view our reading material. Above all, enjoy!

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If you build it, they will come…

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That’s what they told Kevin Costner in the film, Field of Dreams – and to be fair, they were right. In life outside of the movie theatres, just building something doesn’t automatically mean everyone will come, or that they will hear about what you’ve got to offer. Which is why it may take us a short while to get around to all you good folks.

Those we’ve contacted have been able to see how BookXtra, our FREE site, can be a great platform to attract extra sales of your book, whether you’re an author or publisher, an enlightening place for those looking to learn what new titles and breakthrough authors are available, and also a great resource for those studying English Language and English Literature as well as the members of the public who just love books!

In the early days of any concept or company (even such as Google and Facebook had to start somewhere) it can take a while to reach people’s attention – and that’s the stage we’re at. We’re constantly plugging away (literally); initially, to those who have non-fiction books and visual titles, as the BookXtra site is especially effective for their work, but we will be trying to tell all who could benefit. Our social media ‘pages’ on Twitter, Facebook, and of course, this blog, will also serve as our voice in the meantime.

If we have contacted you, and you’re unsure whether to place your work on the site – perhaps waiting for BookXtra to become a household name – it may take time. Sort of, how-long-is-a-piece-of-string-time. During this ‘rise to fame’ period, you could have placed links to your books and uploaded all supplementary information that your readers would enjoy. No need to upload any of the book’s actual content and you’re welcome to upload as much information as you like (vlogs, blogs, advertisement banners/logos for your author/publisher/book group brand, articles, images – anything. The only investment you’ll make is TIME, because the whole site is FREE to use, browse and schmooze.

Kevin Costner took some convincing, at least those we speak to are a lot more receptive! So….we’ve built it – will you come?

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Help for all English Language and English Literature students…

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Here at BookXtra, we don’t just offer entertainment. The articles and supplementary information on classic books that also appear on the site can be used in research by those studying for English language/literature qualifications. And if you’ve any information you could add, then do help your fellow students and upload said material for all to enjoy!

From Pride and Prejudice to recent blockbuster novels such as Slumdog Millionaire – the small sample that are displayed randomly on our site are just a portion of the books we have behind the scenes. Use the search engine facility to see if the book you’re studying appears, and the extra information we hold alongside it.

We’re adding to BookXtra all the time, and not just with well-known books. New authors, those that are breaking into the industry and modern favourites are joining the site every day – so if you need to study the work of an unknown, you can find that here too.

We’ve such a range of extra information on the site – from maps, related articles, authors’ notes, images, diagrams, tutorials, film trailers, full biographies of writers – and so much more. Anyone can upload material, so if you’ve something to further enhance a title displayed on the BookXtra site, do please register and upload it too.

The site is FREE to use – and the more information we have on there, the better a resource it will be for all aspiring authors and those studying in a related field. We’ve details of book groups on the site too; should you want to see what groups gather in your area. The site is for everyone; book lovers, those wanting to promote their books, those looking for little-known details, those looking to comment and review books.

BookXtra uses today’s technology to enhance readers’ enjoyment, offering another level to the humble 2D format. Now the reader can see the places described in a book from images uploaded and articles displayed – or they can get a taste of ‘how to’ do something from a video demonstration, before deciding to buy the title in question. A book becomes so much more on BookXtra, and it doesn’t cost the reader, the author or the publisher anything for using and uploading to the site. Free resources, free marketing and free to browse – BookXtra has it all!

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Finding the perfect partner…

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This is not a post about dating, let’s get that straight, but marketing. For authors, and publishers too, having a book to shout about is great, finding the best place to shout from…..not so much.

With the millions of books available out there, getting yours seen by readers and buyers can be a daunting task to the individual author, unless your surname happens to be something like King or Rowling – and finding places where avid readers populate could be a full-time occupation. And not just any readers – YOUR readers. Those who will be hungry for the kind of tale you tell, and who’ll sing your praises to others until the cows come home.

For example, romance writers may find women’s sites very lucrative, considering most ladies yearn for the type of escapism a shining knight in armour may offer. Murder mystery authors may have some luck on fan sites of such as CSI or detective based programmes. Trial and error is as much a part of your strategy as researching your market, and once you get it right, you’ll notice the difference in your sales figures.

BookXtra offers both authors and publishers the chance to include extra material alongside the details of their books, for the added enjoyment of their readers. For example, fiction writers could post author interviews or perhaps sketches and insights into how they view the characters inside their works – or even upload video readings.

However, for ‘how-to’ style books, non-fiction titles and visual books, BookXtra really comes into its own.

2D is so limiting. Trying to show someone, for example, how to paint/dance/sing can be limiting when offering up a storyboard of images…..but, add in a video showing said skill in real-time and readers can really get a feel for the basics. Seeing a demonstration can make all the difference between grasping a physical concept and completely missing the boat.

Therefore, for visual books, tutorial style ‘how-to’ bibles and non-fiction titles, BookXtra is a perfect partner. We don’t need to see the content of your book or hold the rights, so no problem there. Neither is there a charge for using the site.

Yes, that’s right – BookXtra is offering authors and publishers of these types of books (indeed, any book) a marketing platform from which to shout. Considering few other places will show your visual book in the same light, and at no charge, we’re sure you’ll see the benefit of using the BookXtra site.

If you have any reservations on how to upload your work and supplementary information, don’t hesitate to contact one of the site’s administrators (listed on the BookXtra site) who will either support you or offer to carry the upload out on your behalf.

So, come on, partner, BookXtra’s perfect for you.


The show’s on the road!

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BookXtra is a brand-new concept and, although we had big expectations for our first few weeks, we’ve been staggered at the huge level of interest we’ve had.

Why? And who?
- Publishers are seeing it as a wonderful way to get new income streams from their back catalogue, or from their titles that need a little more exposure than others. Displaying their company logo beside each book’s details is also a definite plus! Considering they’re receiving all these benefits for free, there’s little wonder BookXtra is popular to users of this kind.

- Authors are extremely pleased to know there’s another platform to further promote their book. If they’re lucky enough to land a traditional publishing deal and therefore gain access to worldwide distribution, all’s well and good (and even then, you can never have too much promotion). For so many authors, however, especially those who have penned print-on-demand or self-published books, finding places and ways to push their work – for free – is hard. BookXtra is filling that need and plugging that gap at an amazing rate.

- Book Groups are also making enquiries, many curious to the ethos behind the site. Book groups are more than welcome, and their members can either comment on books through the forum or upload their own books and info should they wish. Sorry for the repetition, but it’s free for these users to display details of their group and their logo if they have one. “Free exposure….erm, let me think…”

We only show a sample of the books that have been uploaded to our database on the ‘Books’ area of our site, and these change with each visit. This is to save bandwidth and to prevent readers/book buyers being completely swamped with too much choice, and also to give them reason to come back – each time there’ll be something new.

Curiosity has seen a raft of people approach BookXtra, most puzzled to how something so beneficial can be free. It’s simple; we will invite advertisers to place their banners/adverts on the site, and charge them for doing so. They’ll be able to promote their products to their target audience who visit the site in their droves, users get to see enhanced sales and a higher income from greater exposure and the general public will get to see new titles, learn more about classic favourites and find a wealth of extra information to see, hear and watch beside each inidividual works. A win/win and, er, win situation.

BookXtra points readers (and therefore, potential buyers) to where they can buy the books, by way of a link directly underneath the front cover image. Therefore, we don’t need access to any copyrights or anything of that nature because the book itself won’t move from where it’s currently being housed. We don’t need the book’s actual content. The extra information – in the way of videos, images, articles, notes, maps, songs – can be then uploaded to the author’s page to visually enhance, entice and bring pleasure to all who see it.

And the best thing of all – IT’S FREE. Buckets of benefits at no charge. BookXtra is being rolled out on a global level, so the opportunity for anyone with a book, or those who represent those with books, to reach bigger markets, is huge. BookXtra is growing exponentially. Be a part of it’s success!

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Are you nervous?

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Good things can make people nervous. Is that really a £5 note stuck to the floor….?

Take BookXtra for example. Whilst we’ve had a fantastic uptake from authors, publishers, book groups and the general public in the first couple of weeks from launch, we know some people don’t trust change, or that they may find it hard to believe that something can truly be FREE. Well, hold on to your hats…..BookXtra actually is.

It’s free to any author wishing to upload their book. It’s free to those same authors who want to share related files with their readers, such as images, videos, notes and articles.
It’s free to any publisher wanting to include their clients’ titles and it’s also free for their company logo to appear on the site for increased exposure, alongside their authors’ books.
It’s free for any book group wishing to either comment on and contribute to books on the site, and it’s free for their members to include their work.
It’s also free for any visitor, reader, contributor or viewer.

So where’s the catch?

There isn’t one! Perhaps, if you knew how the business model worked, you’d feel better about trusting that you can use this site to your own end for free. Which is fine – we’ll tell you exactly what that is, and it’s hardly ground-breaking.

Advertisers will pay to appear on the site. End of. Just like the biggest online business in the world – Google – the end user gets the service for free; businesses pay to reach the users. Those behind the scenes making it all happen get to see some return on their fantastic idea, the people with books to promote get increased sales and the book-loving readers get to see new titles and also learn more about ones they thought they knew well.

No one gets hurt. Everyone benefits.

Say you don’t have the time to fiddle about uploading work. No problem – we’ll do it for you. We trust we’ve thought of everything to help you benefit from using BookXtra; if we haven’t, then please do tell us and we’ll strive to make that happen too.

This is YOUR site to use as you wish. And if you wish to drive more sales of your book through additional material and digital mediums, all from one platform, you’ve come to the right place. BookXtra.


Be seen!!

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The presence of a brand is to be seen and recognised. Birds Eye have their beardy captain and McDonalds have a strange clown associated with their wares. Because most companies or organisations want to visually capture the attention of consumers, a logo is born.

It makes shocking reading to find out how long the average surfer spends on a new, unsolicited website – mere seconds. Even if a user has searched for your site/industry in particular it doesn’t mean he won’t shift off to a competitor’s site pretty smartish.

Therefore, the more places and opportunities you adopt that sport your logo, the more exposure and connection you enjoy with your audience. And if you find industry-associated platforms willing to promote you for free, you should snap their hands off!

Take BookXtra, for instance. Completely free for any author or publisher to upload their books, interviews, associated material, images, audio files and so on. Said author gets to entice more readers, and in turn, more sales, by offering them supplementary or marketing material as an extra appetiser to their work. Publishers have an extra outlet to not only promote their clients’ books but also to place their logo in order to gain more clients.

For free. No catch. Nada.

Book groups frequent the site. Readers join the forum. Our BookXtra community is growing all the time, over cities, countries and continents even. Your logo, book image/title could potentially be seen by your target market many, many times over, with no more cost or effort to you than the short time it takes to upload.

Even book groups themselves can lobby for more members. The people visiting BookXtra are interested in books, believe it or not, and therefore everyone can benefit from being associated with the site.

Upload information to your heart’s content, it’s your prerogative. Most importantly, be seen.


Blyton Rocks!

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I may be showing my age here, but I grew up with Blyton. Not literally, but with her books. I loved the Mallory Towers series, I wanted to actually BE one of the Famous Five and her Magic Faraway Tree stories shaped me as an author and influenced my own books. She was, and still is, my literary hero.

However, I knew nothing of her until a film of a few years ago, entitled simply “Enid”. It was fascinating learning so much about my heroine; if I’m truthfully honest, I was disappointed – not in the film-making – but that the writer I idolised was just a human being. A human being with a talent but many flaws. In my childhood she’d been like a super-hero who could do no wrong but the film, however true to life it was I’m not sure, portrayed her as a writer who committed to her art over everything else, including her own family.

Would I have been better to never learn of her true nature? Should I have always kept her in my mind as this perfect being? I can honestly say that it was actually wonderful to learn more, whether the details were detrimental or not. I felt enriched knowing more about Enid Blyton, the person.

BookXtra would have been an absolute revelation for me, had it been around when I was younger. I could have learned all about Enid through interviews, video files, her personal musings (had they been available), articles others had written about her, and any other supplementary material to hand. BookXtra doesn’t see a book as the be all and end all of an author, only as one element of their make-up. In an age where we have a thirst for knowledge at our fingertips, BookXtra wants to apply this to literature – bringing familiar and new titles to readers, along with any other information they may be delighted to read.

I’m all for using my imagination when reading, but to see ficticious, hypothetical maps of the places where the Secret Seven found their treasures, or pictures of the coastline Enid may have imagined the Famous Five to have harked from, would have been awe-inspiring to me as a 10 year-old. Nowadays, my literary palette may have matured but I still feel excitement at ‘seeing’ things I’ve only fantasised about.

My daughter’s luckier than I, being a Harry Potter fan, by being able to enjoy both the film and the books. She can judge both on their own merit, side by side, which is precisely what BookXtra wants to project with other book titles. See if your hero or heroine matches up to your imagination!


Books or Film – which do you prefer?

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Pride and Prejudice – one of the most famous and revered books in history. The subject of numerous television and film adaptations, there can be few readers that have evaded its charms.

As someone who has read the book but also viewed at least three different versions of the story on the screen, I feel I know the story inside and out, yet with each adaptation a new director brings a completely different interpretation of the story.

I enjoy the scope for imagination when reading a book, whether in my hand or electronically; your mind has the freedom to conjure up how things seem. That said, I also enjoy seeing things laid out for me, as they would in any offering on the screen, and whether my version echoes the director’s.

BookXtra brings together the imagined and the projected versions of popular stories, to save you the time of tracking them down yourself. Movie trailers entice you to go see the film and, in the case of brand-new titles, any extra information affords a better insight into the story or author.

Take, for example, the recent film, Water for Elephants, which originated from a book; at BookXtra all the information is in one place, so you can make any comparisons or choice between the two formats easily, as well as learn more about the author, book and even the timeline of circuses in the early 20th century.

If it can be ‘digitalised’ into a computer file, it can be uploaded to BookXtra – therefore authors can upload maps, notes, diagrams, images, video, audio transcripts, and much more. Authors can amass reams of information when writing a book but expensive printing costs usually means most of the supplementary or supporting detail gets cut from the book. BookXtra is the solution to this problem.

Technology exists to make our lives better or easier, or both. At BookXtra it gives another dimension or facet to the ebook. Read, imagine, see, hear, comment….the choice is yours!

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